Astro Teller is CEO and co-founder of Sandbox Advanced Development. He is a Hertz fellow, computer scientist, and fiction novelist. Astro completed his PhD in artificial intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University in June of 1998. As an artificial intelligence researcher, Astro has contributed numerous book chapters and journal articles to his field of expertise, machine learning. "Exegesis", Astro's fiction novel about the emotional development of technology in our society, is available from Vintage Books. Articles about Astro's work in science, literature, art, and business have appeared in publications such as Newsday, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Esquire, Wired, Der Spiegel, and USA Today and on National Public Radio broadcasts such as "To the Best of Our Knowledge," "Tech-Nation," and "All Things Considered." Astro's views on science have been solicited from organizations such as the New York Times and the US Army. He holds a patent for the automatic pattern recognition of complex signals such as images, sounds, text and brain-wave data. Astro has worked as a teacher at Stanford University, as an algorithmic consultant at Phoenix Laser Technologies, as a researcher at Stanford's Center for Integrated Systems, and as a senior engineer at Carnegie Group Incorporated.