ION is the computer version of a Walkman. As powerful as today's PC's, it was designed for tasks reguiring extremely portable access to information.

Weighing only 2 lbs. ION is worn on the hip and contains the memory and processing ability to store thousands of documents and images. Aircraft assembly instructions, medical procedures, inspection tasks -- ION completely eliminates large and complex manuals, providing mobile workers with the precise on-line information they need, in a light-weight, unobtrusive manner. ION can even download information from off-site databases using it's internal wireless technology.

A thin wire connects ION to a small "monocle" display that presents information at the size of a virtual 20" diagonal screen. The "monocle" can be hand-held, dropped in a pocket, or even clipped onto a soft head-set system, freeing the user's hands to hold tools and perform tasks.